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 A Great Lawn is a Partnership.

                                                                                              -Doug Presley, President


Elite Landscape Services Turf, Tree & Shrub Care is Science-Based Lawn Care


We’ve Got a Plan for Every Lawn

Our local agronomic experts, part of the Elite team, know your lawn thoroughly. They inspect your yard first, evaluate its needs, and create a custom plan for your specific grass type and environment.

Every lawn has unique needs. However, science dictates similar care principles across species. These include weed prevention, pre- and post-emergent care, appropriate fertilization, balanced soil pH, and adequate sunlight and water. Your lawn’s health depends heavily on its environment and soil condition. Our experts spend time evaluating your lawn to make necessary adjustments.

Our landscape experts develop a specialized lawn care plan. With it, you can keep your lawn healthy all year round!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Different Lawns Have Different Needs

Of course, the basics of lawn care seem straightforward. Where it gets complex is that different species of grass have different needs. The ideal composition of nutrients in the soil, for example, varies from species to species. Some grasses work better in cool weather, while some are warm season grasses. Even the amount of water you need to use, or whether you should overseed varies from species to species.

At the very least, it never hurts to have a professional lawn care expert like the specialists at Elite look over your yard and help you come up with a plan to make sure it stays thick, green and healthy. Our experts can not only help keep your yard looking its best, we can educate you on the processes and requirements of your specific turf.

For a free quote or to get started on your custom plan, give us a call today!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Every Grass Has Its Strengths

Besides the common basics, every grass has its own strengths and needs.

Cool Season Grasses: Fescue, the predominant cool season grass, needs more care in the spring and fall while the grass grows the most. At these times, more fertilizer is required, and weed prevention efforts are essential to keep warm-season weeds from taking over the lawn while the grass is just starting to establish itself.

During these periods, we recommend overseeding the lawn, and we provide this service specifically for fescue lawns. We will work with you to establish a plan of action to take care of these problems before they even take root.

Warm Season Grasses: Bermuda and Zoysia are Atlanta’s most popular warm season grasses, because they’re drought tolerant and love the sun. This type of turf grass has its advantages and challenges, and our agronomic experts will perform a complete lawn analysis to create a local plan of action which can effectively address the specialized requirements of these resilient species of grass as well.