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Elite Landscape Services Protects Your Lawn from Insect Damage

Usually, by the time you notice that pests in your yard have done damage, it’s too late. By the time you see patches of brown grass, the damage is done and it can be very expensive to fix. Detecting damage early enough to eliminate pests and stop further harm requires experience and expertise.

To ensure that your lawn stays healthy and green, it’s important to have it inspected by a trained agronomic expert from Elite Landscape Services. Our experts will tailor a program of lawn treatment and pest elimination specifically to your lawn. This will prevent pests like grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms from causing any further damage. Trust us to eliminate these pests and keep your lawn healthy.

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Lawn Pests Can Also Transmit Harmful Diseases

It’s certainly true that a lawn that’s free of annoying pests is far more pleasant than one that’s crawling with bugs. Pests, however, can be far more than an annoyance. Many common outdoor pests like ticks, mosquitos or fire ants can deliver painful bites and even transmit diseases or cause potentially fatal allergic reactions in both people and pets. We can greatly reduce your exposure to pests and pest-associated diseases.

Effective, Safe Pest Treatments

Effective, Safe Pest Treatments
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that you consider using a professional pesticide company to help reduce your exposure to these threats. That’s why our insect control is designed to help eliminate active pests and control successive generations of new pests that migrate onto your property.

Contact Elite and we will assess your lawn for potentially harmful insects, and then implement a yard pest control plan to minimize their presence. We can also provide ongoing lawn insect control services to keep your yard safe from insect damage.

Best of all, the treatments we use—while devastating to insects—are completely safe for you and the environment. We believe in a natural approach to pest elimination and we care about the health and condition of your lawn.

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Common Lawn Pests

There are a broad range of common lawn pests that can create trouble for your yard and even be dangerous. Besides dangers like ticks, fire ants and mosquitoes, just a few of these common intruders include:

Aphids: Aphids, or greenbugs, are tiny and egg-shaped with long legs and a near-transparent body. They gather on blades of grass and suck out the juices inside, often resulting in a brown lawn.

Armyworms: Armyworms, and the closely related cutworms, are moth larvae and can do great damage to your yard. Armyworms are light green to green-brown in color with light colored stripes on their back and side.

Chinch Bugs: These small winged insects are red or black with white markings on their thorax. Like many lawn pests they feed on plants and can do massive damage to a yard.

Cutworms: Like armyworms, these are moth larvae and tend to be dark brown or black in color, occasionally with stripes or spots, and are generally curled into a circle when found.

Billbugs: Billbugs look a bit like beetles, but are a type of weevil, one-quarter to 3/4 inches in size and are brown to black with long snouts. They feed on grass stems, while their larvae, feed on the roots of plants.

Sod Webworms: These moth larvae look like multi-legged, segmented worms with spots on their backs. They will come to the surface of a lawn that is soaked with soapy water in anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

White Grubs: The bane of many homeowners and lawn maintenance professionals, these beetle larvae appear as tiny white worms with a dark head and legs at their very front. They can be anywhere from a half inch to over an inch long, and feed on roots. You might also notice holes dug in your yard, as birds, moles and the like feed on these critters.