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Your Lawn and Landscape’s Full Solution

Every vibrant, healthy lawn is a testament to proper care and knowledgeable professionals’ oversight. As each property possesses its unique demands, your lawn might sometimes need specialized treatment. This is where Elite stands out. Our trained agronomic experts excel in managing a diverse range of landscape issues. If your landscape faces a problem, we’ve probably confronted it before and can satisfy all your landscape

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Addressing Your Lawn’s Challenges

Each lawn, with its unique personality and requirements, is more than just the grass type. The various plants in your yard interact in unique ways, demanding expert, eco-friendly care, and maintenance. Hence, when we visit you for a quote, we thoroughly inspect the entire landscape, scrutinizing every aspect and potential trouble spots. Following our comprehensive on-site analysis, we discuss your needs and devise a truly personalized solution to your specific challenges.

Solutions for All Landscaping Issues

Every lawn’s distinct character needs a service with extensive experience, knowledge, skills, and training to meet your lawncare demands. At Elite, we possess the necessary tools and experience to rejuvenate a sick yard or eradicate invasive vegetation. We solve pest issues, ranging from mosquitoes and fire ants to grubs. We treat tree blight and grass fungal diseases. If your grass type mismatches the climate, or the damage is beyond repair, we can replace it with fresh grass. Regardless of your landscape needs, Elite Landscape Services is here, unwavering in our commitment to your satisfaction. Reach out to us for more information or a free quote today!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

List of Additional Services

Elite Landscape Services provides a complete range of lawn and landscaping services to handle any problem you might have, custom-tailored to your specific needs. Here are just a few of the additional services we offer.

Clump Grass Treatment is for properties with different types of grass growing within their primary grass, fescue growing in Bermudagrass. Multiple applications of our product will control this problem.

Lawn Aeration: Aeration is a process by which soil plugs are removed, which allows nutrients, water and air to penetrate to plant roots. This results in a more beautiful, healthy and thicker lawn. Zoysia and Bermudagrass are the most likely to benefit, but all lawn types can be helped by the process.

Nutsedge Grassy Weed Treatment: Nutsedge is a kind of weed that is easily confused with normal grass. Our treatment minimizes the persistent weed substantially, usually within 3 applications, and will guarantee control the following season.

NutraCare before and after turf disease

Overseeding: We spread seeds over your existing lawn to foster denser growth and enhance vibrancy. We exclusively suggest this service for Fescue lawns, best applied in the fall.

Pest Control: Detrimental pests like mosquitos, ticks, fleas, grubs, moth larvae, and billbugs can severely harm your lawn and its residents’ wellbeing. We identify and tackle these infestations promptly with our pest control services, ensuring the safety of your outdoor spaces.

Vegetation Control: Our vegetation control treatment effectively manages underbrush and kudzu, priming your lawn for future transformations, such as re-sodding or transitioning between grass species. Elite attends to all grass and vegetation types year-round, be it in wooded areas or lawns. Reach out to our experts to discuss your lawn’s specific needs for peak health.