The late winter and spring season of 2018 has brought an abundance of rainfall to the Metro Atlanta area. Continuous precipitation resulted in saturated soils, unveiling drainage and erosion problems on numerous properties. If you’re currently facing such issues, the moment is ripe to consult with an expert. Meticulous planning will help prepare for the upcoming dry summer months.

Drainage Issues and Solutions

Depending on the unique challenges you face, your budget, and the visual appeal you aim to achieve, there are several solutions. Some popular strategies include French drains or dry creeks, regrading, incorporating downspout extensions, and plants and turf to control erosion. You can explore erosion and drainage solutions that we have implemented on diverse properties by clicking here.

 Drainage Dry Creekbed

Installation of permeable surface patios, walkways, and drives also are used to address runoff and erosion issues. There are a variety of surfaces to consider. Pebble patios, bricks, or stones set in with grass growing in between them. Even mulch and gravel can allow water to be absorbed rather than running off.

At Coolray Field, the home ground of the Gwinnett Stripers, we recently incorporated an innovative, eco-friendly solution to manage water runoff. Instead of a traditional pavement, we installed a permeable, environmentally-friendly paver with a layer of sod on the parking lot. This unique system of drive-able grass pavers optimizes water infiltration into the ground, reducing runoff in an area where conventional paving would hinder natural seepage. It minimizes heat radiation and safeguards the root zones of nearby plants and trees.

On a side note, we were able to save existing, mature trees during this project. Instead of being cut down and replaced with small, young trees, the existing trees were temporarily transplanted during the project and reinstalled at project completion.

(Check back to see how we transplanted these trees in an upcoming post.) This summer, fans of the Stripers will not only enjoy cooler, grassy areas for tailgating. They’ll also benefit from the shade provided by these preserved trees. This is sustainable water management at its finest!