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Superior Ground Cover Solutions: Mulch, Pine Straw, Gravel and More

As leading ground cover specialists in the Atlanta area, we can help you choose the ideal mulch for your Georgia landscape. Moreover, we offer a variety of other ground cover options to suit your needs.

The Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is a crucial component of a thriving garden or lawn. Not only does it suppress weeds, but it also retains soil moisture and delivers vital nutrients to your plants. Furthermore, there is a plethora of mulch options available, each boasting unique benefits.

At Elite Landscape Services, our years of experience as Atlanta’s top-tier landscaping company equip us with the expertise to assist you in choosing the perfect mulch for your yard. Additionally, we provide a range of popular choices, including wood mulch, pine bark, pine straw, and even gravel mulch.

Wood Mulch

Hardwood mulch is an aesthetic addition to any landscape, offering a variety of colors and shades, ranging from black to brown. Additionally, pine nuggets and cypress mulch, popular variants of wood mulch, enhance flower beds and landscapes with their diverse color palette. Furthermore, rest assured knowing that we provide premium-dyed hardwood mulches, cypress, and natural hardwood that are non-toxic to pets and other plants. Moreover, our playsafe-certified playground mulch meets ADA and ASTM standards, ensuring a safe play environment.

ground cover mulch

Pine Straw

Dried pine needles, also known as pine straw, not only offer visual appeal and a pleasant aroma but also add an appealing texture to your landscape. Additionally, it stays in place well, making it ideal for hills and slopes, and doesn’t decompose quickly. Moreover, over time, it can even enhance soil acidity, making it suitable for acid-loving plants like blueberries, rhododendrons, and azaleas. Trust us when we say that at Elite Landscape Services, we prioritize soil health and test the soil twice a year to maintain the right pH balance.


On the other hand, gravel and river rock mulch confer an attractive appearance and have a long lifespan, although they don’t contribute to soil health. Admittedly, they can be difficult to remove if you decide to change your landscape, and planting in gravel can be challenging. Nevertheless, they lend a natural and beautiful touch to your landscape.

If you’re in need of expert ground-covering assistance, do not hesitate to contact Elite Landscape Services today!


Avoid These 3 Mulch Mistakes

1. Bad Mulch:  While tree companies can be a good source, it’s important to be cautious of disreputable sources or bargain outlets. Moreover, mulch from such sources may contain undesirable elements, including ground-up poison ivy, weed seeds, pests, herbicides, and more. Consequently, these contaminants can infect the soil, promote weed growth, and potentially cause skin irritations.

Bad Mulch Weeds

2. Under the mulch:  Organic ground coverings like wood chips, bark, or pine straw naturally enrich your soil with organic matter and nutrients. However, placing plastic underneath them can lead to increased runoff and limit their nutritional benefits. In essence, the mulch itself is sufficient; there’s no need for any underlay.

Elite too much mulch around tree

3. Find a balance: It’s crucial to find the right balance when applying mulch. Approximately three inches of organic mulch is all you need. Furthermore, using too much or too little won’t yield the desired results and can even harm your landscaping. While the correct amount of mulch is beneficial for plants, an excessive amount around the base of a tree or bush can suffocate the plant by depriving it of air and water.


What Our Customers Say

Doug and his crew are the best contractors I have ever worked with. (I rarely write reviews, but Elite Landscape Services is worth it.) They installed a large retaining wall, walkway, backyard patio, and a new fire pit with seating.


Elite built a huge sunroom and deck for us. Their work is the highest quality hands down. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. Elite has done other landscaping jobs for us in the past as well and they will continue to be one of our “go to” vendors.


I could write an essay on the professionalism, kindness, honesty, and high quality of this company. I will reach out to Elite Landscaping for all my future projects! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants their job done correctly with a company that has integrity!


Working with Doug was one of the best experiences you could ask for, he was extremely professional, honest in every aspect of the business and our conversations, and accountable throughout the entire project. Doug’s team did an AMAZING job with our project and our community could not be happier.


Elite Landscaping does quality work at a very affordable price. We have had two projects completed by them (retaining wall and deck) and we love both of them. Doug is very professional, courteous and responsive. He is very easy to work with and always makes sure the customer is happy.


The Elite Guarantee

Elite Excellence Ensured

Elite Landscape Services has been creating memorable outdoor environments since 2001. Our reputation as one of Atlanta’s Premier Landscape Design and Installation companies is something we hard to earn every day and on every project. Creating a great landscape plan is essential to creating a truly special outdoor space and you deserve the right team to make it a reality.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your project with you and answer any questions or provide design direction all with the goal of finding the perfect solution. Give us a call today or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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