During certain times of the year, many Cryptomeria owners become concerned, believing their trees may be dying. However, there’s no need for alarm. Cryptomerias undergo a natural process known as ‘molting.’ This is a common occurrence, particularly noticeable in mature conifers, where older foliage is shed to make way for new growth.

When molting happens, you’ll observe a transformation within your tree. Golden needles will appear on the inside, mirroring the vibrant hues of fall leaves. It might seem concerning at first, but rest assured that this is a normal part of the Cryptomeria lifecycle. Over time, these golden needles will drop off, and the tree will return to its usual lush green appearance.

Cryptomeria may appear to be dying

Note:  If you notice browning that is starting at the bottom or the top and is not ‘inside’ the tree or you only notice it on selected trees, contact us. This could be a water issue or something else that is external affecting the tree.

What is a Cryptomeria?