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Landscape Inspection, Protection and Nutrition

Many people don’t think of nutrition as part of lawn care, but the truth is, plants, shrubs and trees need the right nutrients and food just like people do. The most complete landscape care and maintenance of your ornamental trees and shrubs requires proper inspection, protection and nutrition services, and that’s where NutraCare comes in.

NutraCare doesn’t just handle grass. We are a full-service, total landscape care company. Our experienced landscape specialists will inspect every inch of your yard and develop a plan tailored to that specific yard.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Complete and Personalized Yard Care Solutions

Our local experts will inspect the overall health of your landscape and develop a plan to treat and maintain the health of all your landscape. Our detailed plan will address disease treatments, insect treatments and the applications of fertilizers to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

At NutraCare, our local experts are experienced in care of not just your lawn, but your entire landscape. Just as plants need nutrients, they can catch diseases like blight, and these diseases can spread like fire, wiping out your entire landscape if not prevented and treated.

Catching a disease early with large landscape plants can save a lot of money and maintain the health, beauty and value of your landscape. A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn, and your shrubs and trees are part and parcel of that beauty.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

The City in a Forest

Atlanta known for the canopy of trees that covers much of the area. Magnificent oaks, majestic southern magnolias and, of course, the native dogwoods are everywhere.

Your yard may be one of these landscapes that is perpetually in the shade of azaleas and mature pine trees, which can make it tough to maintain beautiful grass beneath. Not only can our tree and shrub program take care of your ornamental tree and shrub with a combination of pest control, disease control, and fertilization, we can help keep the lawn you do have healthy by providing proper nourishment.

Any Lawn, Any Size

NutraCare services will beautify and protect your ornamental trees and shrubs all year long. All lawn, ornamental tree, and shrub treatments are applied at key agronomic stages throughout the year to produce optimal results.

Whether your yard is massive or small, full of a variety of plant life, a simple carpet of grass, or is comprised solely of trees and shrubs, we will develop a personalized care plan that’s perfect for your needs. Contact NutraCare today and get started on the process of creating a lawn that will be the envy of all of your friends and neighbors!