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Residential Lawn Care Services

Curb Appeal Starts with Your Lawn

Lawn Care Programs Created Specifically for Your Yard

NutraCare Lawn Care Services is focused on helping Atlanta’s homeowners maintain thicker, greener, healthier lawns with fewer weeds and problems. All of our residential lawn care programs are designed and applied by our professional lawn technicians who work to provide tailored care to help bring out your lawn’s full potential. We’re focused on helping your lawn flourish this season by providing just the right treatment for your particular lawn.

Atlanta has a wide variety of turf types, and each has its own special needs. For the very best residential lawn care, you need a company dedicated to treating the individual needs of your lawn, without the standard cookie cutter approach.

Personalized Residential Lawn Care Solutions

Our services include fertilization, weed control and pest control all designed to maximize your lawn’s potential and your enjoyment of the yard. We’ll start by visiting your home and getting to know your lawn. After we perform a thorough analysis, we’ll work with you to develop a specialized plan to get your lawn in perfect shape, exactly the way you want.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Beautiful, Healthy, Green Lawns with an Emphasis on HEALTHY!

NutraCare residential lawn care programs use the latest most effective, eco-friendly fertilizers and weed prevention solutions available. Our lawn care, pre-emergent and targeted weed control, will prevent and eliminate weeds throughout the year.

Slow release and liquid fertilizers are used to nourish your lawn so that it thrives. We use lime to condition the soil, improve nutrient availability for your lawn, and to stimulate your soil ecosystem.

We also add Iron to our lawn treatments to further nourish your grass. The end result is a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn! For ornamental trees and shrubs we offer comprehensive disease control, insect control, and fertilization that will keep them healthy and looking great! Contact us today for your free quote.