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NutraCare Disease and Fungus Control

Protect Your Lawn From Fungus

Eliminate Disease and Fungus from Your Lawn

Just like trees and shrubs, a beautiful lawn can be quickly destroyed by brown patch or other lawn fungal diseases. NutraCare controls and treats grass fungus and other lawn diseases professionally and without harming the environment.

Our program treats the lawn with precisely the right amount of solution to prevent harmful diseases but without disturbing the delicate environmental microbial balance that is essential to lawn health.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

A Hearty, Beautiful Lawn

NutraCare is dedicated to the health and beauty of your lawn. All of the treatments we use are safe for the environment and designed to encourage growth and health among your lawn, garden and plants. The healthier your plants are, the stronger and more resistant to disease they will be. Our team of agronomic experts are trained and experienced in the techniques of proper landscape care, so you’ll have absolute peace of mind your property is getting the very best service available.

Prevent and Control Fungal Diseases

Of course, the best way to keep your lawn healthy isn’t to treat fungus, it’s to stop it from developing in the first place. Keep your lawn watered whenever possible (but be careful not to overwater), keep the grass mowed at the proper height, take care with the kind of fertilizer you use, and know the dangers of fungus.

It can be difficult for many people to know what kind of fertilizer to use, or what kind of grass is best for their environment. That’s why experts like NutraCare technicians are here. We can look at your yard, get to know the conditions, and make sure that it stays clear of common lawn diseases.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Common Lawn Fungi and Diseases

Brown Patch: This lawn disease causes ugly patches which are symmetrical and range from a few inches in diameter up to several feet. If not quickly treated, the center can recover, leaving a pattern of brown spots that resemble doughnuts or tires in your lawn.

Dollar Spot: This fungus gets its name for the size of the spots it creates. It can spread across your lawn fast, and is very devastating if not addressed.

Zoysia Patch: Zoysia grass goes dormant every winter, and when it emerges, this fungus can manifest as small patches which are a tan-orange in color and can be up to 12 inches in size, roughly as large as a supper plate. If not addressed, the spots can rapidly grow to 20 feet-plus in diameter and destroy your entire yard.

Pythium Blight: When the weather gets hot and humid, Pythium blight can arise, creating sunken patches, circular in shape that spread up to a foot across. Grass in this area soon gets matted and turns gray or orange, becoming greasy in appearance. Eventually, the blades die and shrivel. Urgent treatment is required to save your yard from serious damage.