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Aeration, Overseeding and More

NutraCare — Everything Your Lawn and Landscape Needs

Green, healthy lawns don’t just happen by accident, it takes proper care handled by knowledgeable professionals. Because every property is different, sometimes a lawn may need something out of the ordinary or specialized.

That’s where NutraCare shines. Our agronomic experts are specially trained and experienced in handling just about every kind of landscape problem that exists. If you’ve got a problem to be solved, we’ve likely seen it before, and can handle any of your landscape needs.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Meeting the challenges of Your Lawn

Every lawn has its own unique personality, characteristics and needs. It only starts with the type of grass you have. Other plants in your yard will play together in different ways, and require an expert, environmentally-friendly touch in care and maintenance.

That’s why when we visit you for a quote, we’ll look over entire landscape in detail, examining all aspects and potential problem areas. After a complete on-site analysis we discuss your needs and develop a truly custom and personalized solution to the unique challenges you face.

Solutions for Any Landscaping Problem

Since every lawn has its own character, you need a service that has the experience, knowledge, skills and training to meet your lawncare needs.

At NutraCare, we have the tools and experience necessary to cure a sick yard or eliminate invasive vegetation. We can address problems with pests from mosquitoes to fire ants to grubs and more. We can take care of tree blight and fungal diseases in your grass. If you’ve got the wrong kind of grass for the climate, or the damage is too far gone, we can even treat the issue and start over with brand new grass.

No matter what your landscape needs might be, NutraCare is here, and we are completely focused on your satisfaction. Give us a call for more information or a free quote today!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services
Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

List of Additional Services

NutraCare provides a complete range of lawn and landscaping services to handle any problem you might have, custom-tailored to your specific needs. Here are just a few of the additional services we offer.

Clump Grass Treatment is for properties with different types of grass growing within their primary grass, fescue growing in Bermudagrass. Multiple applications of our product will control this problem.

Lawn Aeration: Aeration is a process by which soil plugs are removed, which allows nutrients, water and air to penetrate to plant roots. This results in a more beautiful, healthy and thicker lawn. Zoysia and Bermudagrass are the most likely to benefit, but all lawn types can be helped by the process.

Nutsedge Grassy Weed Treatment: Nutsedge is a kind of weed that is easily confused with normal grass. Our treatment minimizes the persistent weed substantially, usually within 3 applications, and will guarantee control the following season.

NutraCare before and after turf disease

Overseeding: “Overseeding” is laying seed down over the existing lawn to help it grow thicker. NutraCare recommends this service for Fescue lawns only, and it is done in the fall.

Pest Control: Pests are numerous and need to be controlled when discovered to protect the lawn and residents from mosquitos, ticks and fleas to grubs, moth larvae, billbugs and a range of other damaging bugs, worms and pests.

Vegetation Control: This kind of treatment can help get rid of underbrush and kudzu. It is best used before undertaking a lawn conversion involving re-sodding or changing the lawn from one species of grass to a different one. NutraCare treats wooded areas and lawns all year, no matter the type of grass or vegetation you have. We’ll be happy to talk about the required applications your lawn needs.