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Total Landscape Management

Atlanta’s Complete Landscape Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Elite Landscape Services in Atlanta is a complete landscape care and services company. When your lawn needs a burst of color, a perfect lawn cutting and edging job, or the ideal tree and shrub maintenance services, we’re here to take care of the problem. We provide not only eye-catching, beautiful landscaping solutions, but will tailor the services we provide to your lawn’s specific needs.

Regardless of whether it’s soil balancing, irrigation services, pruning, cutting back, trimming or encouraging new and healthy growth of your trees and shrubs, we’re here. We offer you a breathtaking landscape as well as the peace of mind knowing that your landscape is being cared for by the experts.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Proper Shrub Pruning and Maintenance

Shrubs can be fairly hardy and if they’re not maintained right they can quickly grow out of control. Even worse, they can become unhealthy and die out. Proper pruning and shaping of your shrubs extends the life and health of your plants by improving their flowering, preventing disease and blight, and keeping your plants healthy for years to come. Healthy shrubs can enhance the appearance of your yard, adding aesthetic value, and will grow much healthier in the direction you want them to grow.

The Advantages of Tree Pruning

Maybe your landscape is more trees and shrubbery than it is grass and flowers. That makes a proper expert landscaping service even more valuable. Our services can enhance the look of your trees, keeping them perfectly shaped and healthy.

The right tree pruning serves a wide range of helpful purposes. It reduces the tree’s chances of blight and disease. It makes them less susceptible to wind damage. It allows more light into your landscape allowing you to better plant flowers. It can also help to keep your trees away from power lines, saving you a great deal of money on required trimming services and liability.

For more information on how our tree pruning services can help you, give us a call for a custom quote and free evaluation today!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

To Prune or Not to Prune?

Azalea Shrubs: Azaleas are some of the most popular shrubs in Georgia. They produce stunningly beautiful flowers, but they need the right pruning to maintain their ideal shape and ensure that they continue to grow properly. When pruning an azalea, you need to wait until it finishes flowering, then be selective and make deep cuts to encourage the plant to grow from within. Wherever you cut, new growth will spring, so that’s an important thing to keep in mind.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Crepe Myrtle: Crepe myrtle is another wildly popular flowering shrub in landscapes across the Atlanta region. As this shrub ages it can actually become an ornamental tree, growing up to 30 feet tall. Keeping crepe myrtle at a manageable size requires aggressive pruning. Fortunately, there are now dwarf varieties available that only grow to 7 feet, with shrub varieties available that only grow up to about 4 feet high. A good rule of thumb is that if you find yourself cutting back more than about 20% of the bush’s size every year, you might have the wrong variety of plant for the spot in your landscape.