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The Benefits of Landscape Mulch

What Is the Best Mulch for Atlanta Landscapes?

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for the health of your lawn and garden. It helps to suppress weeds, keeps moisture in the soil, adds nutrients and is attractive. There are a broad range of different kinds of mulch you can use.

Elite Landscape Services has years of experience as Atlanta’s premier landscaping business, and we can help you decide which mulch is best for your lawn. The most popular options are wood mulch, pine bark, pine straw and even gravel mulch.

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch can be absolutely beautiful as a landscaping addition. There are a number of advantages to this kind of mulch; it comes in a variety of colors and shades of black and brown.
Pine nuggets and cypress mulch are very popular forms of wood mulch. They’re great in flower and landscape beds, come in a wide range of colors, and are non-toxic for pets and other plants. We offer all of the most popular, premium-dyed hardwood mulches as well as cypress and natural hardwood. We also offer a playsafe-certified playground mulch, that meets all ADA and ASTM standards.

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Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw or dried pine needles is a very attractive mulch. Pine straw smells wonderful and adds a great texture to your landscape. It also holds its place very well, which makes it ideal for use on hills and slopes, and it doesn’t break down fast. Pine straw can increase your soil’s acidity over time, so you’ll want to use plants that thrive in that kind of environment like blueberries, rhododendrons and azaleas. Or like with Elite Landscape Services we test the soil semi-annually to determine if any amendments are needed to keep the soil in the proper ph balance.

Gravel Mulch

Gravel and river rock look lovely and don’t break down at all, but they also don’t nurture or nourish your soil. They can also be tough to remove if you change your mind. It can also be much harder to plant in gravel mulch. Still, it provides a natural and beautiful look to your landscape.

If you need help or advice with your lawn mulching, give Elite Landscape Services a call today!

Avoid These 3 Mulching Mistakes

1. Bad Mulch: A great source for free mulch is tree companies, but take care — getting mulch from unreputable tree companies, or bargain basement sources, can present problems. You could end up with mulch having contents like ground up poison ivy, seeds from bad weeds, pests, herbicides and more. These contaminants can undermine your efforts by infecting the soil, encouraging weeds and even causing skin irritations.

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2. Under the Mulch: You don’t need anything under your organic mulch. Natural mulches like wood chips, bark or pine straw will add organic matter and nutrients to your soil. Putting plastic under them will increase runoff and limit the nutritional benefits of the mulch. In the end, the mulch is enough—no need to put anything under it.

3. Using Too Much or Too Little: You only need about three inches of organic mulch. Using too much or too little won’t yield the desired results and can even be damaging to your landscaping. While the right amount of mulch is great for plants, having too much mulch piled around the base of a tree or bush, can actually kill the plant by robbing it of air and water.


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