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Atlanta’s Premiere Lawn Maintenance Solution

There’s no better way to add beauty and value to your property than having a well-maintained, well-trimmed lawn. It doesn’t matter if you’re having guests over, sprucing up for people that drive by or trying to add curb appeal for that pending sale, keeping your grass and landscaping in shape shows pride in your home and a love for your property.

The lawncare professionals at Elite Landscape Services are Atlanta’s premiere turf and lawn maintenance providers. We offer not only a beautiful, healthy lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood, but convenience and peace of mind as well.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Unique Solutions for Unique Landscapes

Every landscape is completely unique and needs individualized care. From the soil composition and quality to the varieties of grass you’ve got, you need a lawn care service who knows the vital ins and outs of lawn care maintenance services.

Our lawn care professionals will come to your home, assess the state of your lawn and any special needs it might have, and then we’ll work with you to come up with a plan of action tailored specifically to your landscaping needs. We’ll keep it mowed, edged and neat so that it looks perfect all the time.

Treating Problem Areas

The service you get from us doesn’t stop there, though! Our turf specialists will carefully examine and monitor your lawn for any problem areas, catching them while they’re easy to address and before they become serious. We’ll help your lawn to stay healthy and green all year long, from the right soil and mulch balance to the optimal water levels. Whatever your lawncare needs might be, we’re there to cover you.

Elite Landscape Services is Atlanta’s premier lawncare and maintenance solution. For more information, give us a call for a free evaluation and a custom quote today.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

How to Fix 3 Top Lawn Problems

1. Thin Grass Due to Lack of Sunlight: Fix this problem by opening up the tree canopy that shades your yard. You might also consider varieties of grass that do well in the shade. If that’s not a solution, consider replacing your lawn with plants that thrive in the shade—there are many perennial and annual flowers that can be an ideal choice.

2. Pests and Weeds: Pests and weeds can be a real problem across the Atlanta area (and, in fact, everywhere). From aphids to grubs and more, pests can wreak havoc on your yard, and without the right care, weeds can destroy the most beautiful grass. Have your soil tested for proper pH balance and add the right nutrients to encourage healthy growth. You should have this done every few years—the stronger and healthier your grass is, the better able it will be to tolerate pests. A service like Nutracare can apply the perfect solutions for this common problem.

3. Over- or Under-Watering: your grass needs water just like you do, but it needs the right amount to stay happy and healthy. Too little and it will become brown and dry out. Too much and it will drown the roots. The right irrigation system is essential to keeping your lawn lush and green.