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There are few factors that are more important to a healthy lawn and garden than the proper amounts of water. The right level of irrigation is essential to keeping your flowers bright, your grass green and your trees and shrubs healthy. Atlanta is a warm climate and keeping your lawn at the right level of moisture will keep your landscape beautiful all year round.

This also means that when you invest in a major landscaping job, you want irrigation planning to be a part of that job. Without planning the right irrigation systems, all that planning and all those dreams of a beautiful landscape oasis may well be for naught. When you have difficulties keeping your plants healthy, everything becomes a hassle.

Without irrigation, grass and plants will dry out, soil will lose nutrients and the landscape cannot thrive. Over-watering, on the other hand, can literally drown your plants by saturating the roots. Simply watering your lawn isn’t enough. You need the right irrigation services.

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When it comes time to design or upgrade your landscape, turn to a company that can provide properly planned, designed and maintained irrigation systems. You want a system and service that will help you get just the right amount of water. The systems provided by Elite Landscape Services in Atlanta won’t waste water by letting it run out over the sidewalk. They won’t under- or over-water your lawn and they’ll make sure that your grass, shrubs and flowers stay bright, beautiful and healthy.

If you’d like advice, help or a complete install, overhaul or maintenance on your existing system, Elite Landscape Services is here to help. We’ll custom-design a system built exactly to your yard’s needs and provide all the upkeep and maintenance you need. Give us a call for an evaluation of your lawn and a customized quote today!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Types of Irrigation Systems

There are many types of irrigation systems. Every lawn has its own character and needs, and you want a system that’s ideal for your yard’s layout, design and individual plant varieties. Here are a few of the most common forms of irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation: Drip irrigation is a means by which you can save fertilizer and water by permitting water to simply and slowly drip down to the roots of the plants, either by passing through the soil surface or directly onto the root zone. It uses a customized network of tubing, emitters, valves and pipes that run through the garden.

The Soaker Hose: This is a form of drip irrigation that can be very effective. It’s similar to a garden hose with dozens of tiny pinpricks in it, which allows a fine mist to blow over the plants, soaking into the dirt and bringing moisture and nutrients to the leaves, stalks and roots.

Auto Spray Systems: This is the traditional, old-fashioned method of watering your lawn—by a sprinkler system, usually with automatic timers and on/off systems. Just because it’s old-fashioned, however, doesn’t make it bad. These are reliable and effective irrigation systems.

Rotor Systems: Another form of traditional sprinkler systems, these are more efficient than standard spray heads and offer a greater degree of control over the water distribution.