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Additional Elite Landscape Services

Full Service Landscape and Design

Landscape Management, Maintenance and More

Elite Landscape Services is a premier full-service landscape services provider for the entire Atlanta region. Whether it’s deciding which annual flowers to plant or designing and overhauling an entire landscaping solution, Elite is here to help with complete services to realize the potential you never knew your lawn had.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Lawn Restoration and Replacement

We’ll design a custom suite of services for your lawn restoration and replacement needs. It starts with a complete evaluation of your lawn, the type of grasses you have current growing, their soil needs, and the potential to replace them with something hardier or more appropriate to the climate.

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably got several varieties of grass intermingling in your yard, which can result in an uneven and even unhealthy look as they compete for nutrients. You may want to replace your law with something like zoysia, which is drought resistant and looks gorgeous in the Georgia climate.

We’ll be glad to discuss an of the many varieties of turf that are possible in the Atlanta region and will perform well in your lawn conditions. Whether it’s full sun, partial or complete shade, there’s a landscaping solution for you and we can help you find it.

Water Management and Erosion Control

One of the great things about Atlanta is the broad variety of terrain types that lead to completely individualized and unique landscapes. However, some terrain areas don’t do well with large amounts of rain. For these, our expert water management and drainage systems team can show you how to handle runoff and protect your landscape from the harmful effects of heavy rain and over-watering.

Custom Carpentry, Fences, Walls and Hardscaping

Your landscape is far more than grass and flowers. It’s a living, growing thing and it will need to be worked on and refreshed as it matures. This can involve plant maintenance, of course, but it might also require new structural enhancements including fences, walls, hardscape walkways, and custom carpentry. We offer full-service capabilities in these and more areas.

Elite Landscape Services is your one-stop shop for all your Atlanta landscaping needs. If you need help or advice with your lawn and garden, give us a call for a custom quote and evaluation today!

Elite Specialty Services

Water Features: Whether it’s a pond, a fountain or a waterfall, the right water features can turn your backyard into an oasis. They make a great addition to just about any landscape, and you’d be amazed at the availability and variety out there.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Outdoor Lighting: Too many people fail to take lighting into account when it comes to landscaping. The right lighting at night doesn’t just make your house and lawn look great, it makes it safer to traverse the property in the dark. It’s also ideal for those late-night parties and get-togethers with family and friends.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Specimen Plantings: Ornamental shrubs and specimen trees can really breathe a sense of life and unique beauty into your yard, making it unlike anyone else’s. These provide a focal point around which you can structure the rest of your landscape features. They provide a striking centerpiece and theme for your overall landscaping efforts.

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Management Services

Landscape Boulders: Adding an ornamental boulder can be another great way to create a focal point and area of interest for your landscape. Not only do boulders provide natural beauty and seating, they can also provide a quiet, private area where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.