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Landscape Design, Gardens, Plants & Sod  


Atlanta Gardens, Plants and Sod

There is a huge selection of plants and sod for our area. Each have specific requirements to assure that they are healthy and grow properly. The environment has to be considered when choosing plants and sod. Attributes such as sunlight and soil type are critical. Aesthetically, the color of leaves, blooms, and texture are equally important. The next step is installation. Particular attention needs to be paid to the preparation of the ground for plants such as “over digging” the hole to allow for root growth and soil amendments to assure a quick start. Properly preparing the soil for sod installation is just as important to help get your new turf off to a great start. Elite Landscape Services takes the worry out of your new landscape, by practicing industry-standard horticultural methods of soil preparation and plant installation. Healthy plants, properly installed with a warranty provide you peace-of-mind knowing while you enjoy your new landscape.

Atlanta Garden Designs and Landscape Plans

Choosing the right plants is very important, but the design and plan of how the plants work into your landscape is even more important. The landscape architects and designers at Elite Landscape Services will help you achieve your project’s vision by providing a structured process to translate ideas into design components. We listen to your needs and wants, consider the environment and thoughtfully create a design and plan. We review a draft with you and generally go through a couple of revisions. The result assures that your project will be an investment that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today and lets start planning your new landscape