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Stepping Stone Path Landscaping Stepping Stone Path Landscaping
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texture concrete driveway texture concrete driveway

Paths, Walks and Driveways


Atlanta Driveways and Entrances

Driveways, for the most part, are functional and due to wear and tear, have to eventually be replaced or repaired. They can be constructed of enhanced materials; such as exposed pea gravel, colored and stamped concrete or pavers. Embellish your new driveway with bands of pavers or stone for a more decorative look. Creating aprons at the entrance to a driveway is a great way to introduce a material like pavestones or flagstone that can be used in sidewalks, paths, patios or porches. Unique designs can feature stone medallion inserts or interesting paver designs and is only limited by your imagination.

Custom Sidewalks, Paths and Walkways

Paths are like outdoor hallways – they take you from one room or focal point to another. They can be simple or elegant and range in materials from pea gravel to flag stone. Walks can be raised to lift a visitor above delicate landscaping or integrated into the landscape as stepping-stones that seem to emerge from the ground cover right when you need them. Even traditional concrete sidewalks can be customized by adding colorant and stamping. Contact Elite Landscape Services and let’s discuss how we can make your landscape a walk in the park.