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Atlanta Pools & Outdoor Retreats


Swimming Pools and Spas

Many of Atlanta’s finest outdoor living spaces are created around a great swimming pool. Swimming pools and spas are the most sought after elements in new outdoor retreats. All depending on your preference and space, your pool can be large and sophisticated, or intimate and cozy. An ample deck of natural stone, pavers or decorative concrete will generally surround your custom pool to enhance your enjoyment. Add a spa, pergola, cook center, fireplace or water feature to your new pool and then you will have created your own resort style oasis.

Patios, Decks and Seating Areas

In the Atlanta area, we are fortunate to have great weather with many months to enjoy the outdoors. Creating areas that resemble an outdoor café are a very popular way to enhance your living space. Picture a new patio with a comfortable dining area and a cook center or perhaps a fireplace; all creating a warm romantic entertainment experience.

Extending your living space outdoors is an excellent way to maximize your homes enjoyment and value. Add a new a deck with seating or a level patio on that unusable hill in the back yard are exciting ways to utilize your yard to its fullest potential. Contact us, share your dreams for your new outdoor retreat and we’ll help you bring it to life.