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Landscape Services in Roswell, GA

Enhancing the Beauty of Roswell with Landscaping

North Georgia is home to beautiful natural scenery. The residences, businesses, municipal properties, schools and parks in the area are already wonderful representations of the state, and Elite Landscape Services is here to heighten their current appeal.

Roswell, in particular, is home to several lovely communities that strike the perfect balance between living, working and playing. As more and more developers, homebuyers, property managers and business owners seek out ways to create harmony between the three, Elite’s landscaping services in Roswell, GA provides the perfect solution. Continue reading to learn more about how Elite Landscape Services is working to make North Georgia and cities like Roswell more beautiful with landscaping.

Located in the heart of Roswell, is the majestic City Hall building, center of the cities’ government services.

The Sweet Apple Fields Project

After three years of planning, the High Hope Community Development Corporation received approval and authorization to move forward with the Sweet Apple Fields Project. This project’s ultimate goal is to expand, restore and enhance Roswell’s Sweet Apple Park by landscaping the property within, around and between the current park grounds and Sweet Apple Elementary School.

Organizing with High Hope, the City of Roswell, World Harvest Church and Sweet Apple Elementary, Elite Landscape Services is working to transform this space into a safe haven for children to play. We’re creating multiple sports fields and are landscaping a once unused area at Sweet Apple Park in order to create an expansive space where families can enjoy the natural beauty that Roswell has to offer.

Live, Work, Play in Roswell, GA

In addition to the Sweet Apple Fields project described above, Elite Landscape Services plans to further improve the north Georgia area by continuing to revive parks and other play areas. For example, in the spring of 2017, we were awarded the contract to renovate the playground and sports fields at Timber Ridge Elementary.

Elite is also available to maintain landscaping at commercial properties, so owners and managers can check it off of their long to-do lists. Additionally, we’ll help homeowners in Roswell maintain their lawns and landscape. Using our design and installation services, we can add unique touches to create the ideal outdoor paradise for Georgia residents.

If you’re interested in making the areas where you live, work and play more beautiful, Elite Landscape Services can handle all of your commercial and residential needs. Our comprehensive services are available for complete restoration projects, standard landscape management needs or anything else regarding lawn care and design. Please give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.

Elite Landscape Services provides commercial and residential landscape design, installation and maintenance services to all of Roswell and North Georgia.