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Landscaping Atlanta A Passion for Outdoor Excellence

“The kitchen, the master bath, and landscape continue to be the three top priorities for homeowners to invest in their home – all three provide additional enjoyment while adding value!” Let Elite Landscape Services help you design and build your own oasis right in your own backyard!

We have been creating beautiful landscapes in the Atlanta area since 2001. In these 14 years, we have grown mostly by referral. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction as we feel our best form of advertising is a happy client talking with their neighbors and friends!

We look at landscape as art. Your outdoor space is the canvas and together we create ideas of what we want the resulting portrait to look like. We utilize a lot of natural materials from mother nature as our paint and when we finish, we have collaboratively created a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope you find it useful and that it provides you with a tool to help you visualize whatever project you have in mind.

So, give us a call and let us help you create a living piece of art!

Doug Presley
Founder and President
Elite Landscape Services

From the initial visit and free consultation to a detailed design and planting plan to installation of plant material and sod to installation of an irrigation system to the finishing touches of Outdoor Lighting and Mulch – Elite Landscape Services will see that your project exceeds all of your expectations!
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Design & Plans
Plants & Sod
Outdoor Lighting
Drainage and Erosion


Hardscape is a broad category that includes patios and pool decks, fireplaces and fire pits, walls of all types such as timber, brick, architectural block and stone, steps, paths, driveways and entrance monuments. All of these require experience to install. Elite Landscape Services has experience with all hardscapes as you will see in our portfolio.
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Patios & Pool Decks
Fireplaces & Fire Pits
Entrance Monuments

Outdoor retreats or outdoor living areas are terms generally used to describe a grouping of landscape elements such as a patio with a fireplace and cook center. In the aggregate, these elements create a defined space much like a family room or dining room inside your home. Elite Landscape Services can create an outdoor retreat for you that will make you feel like you have escaped to a retreat for the evening – or weekend!
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Entertainment Areas
Cook Centers

Do you enjoy driving into the North Georgia mountains – getting out and walking along a babbling stream or to one of the many waterfalls that Georgia is blessed with? We can come close to giving you that experience right in your own yard!
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Water Falls

This section of our website is currently under development. Please check back with us soon.
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